The Horcruxes of Donald J Trump / by alix clyburn

No Sweets for the Bitter

I channeled my post-election despair in two ultimately fruitful directions—flagrant holiday indulgence in booze and chocolate, and Harry Potter.

Of course the gratification was instant with the boozy indulgence, but also productive because the consequent sluggishness and self-loathing inspired me to give up sugar this month. The only reason I’ve lasted this long is because Jeff and a couple friends are doing it too. (I considered giving up booze but I eat more sweets than I do drink alcohol.) Life without cookies or chocolate is horrible; I don’t recommend it.

When you’re trying to avoid sugar it’s alarming to realize how ubiquitous it is. Sugary treats are for sale everywhere. Even some clothing stores and bookstores sell chocolate or candy at the register. Target is like an open bar at a wedding—there’s so much sugary temptation everywhere you turn. My will power has never been tested like this.


ISO Basilisk Teeth

After the election, I wanted some escapist fiction so I jumped back onto the Hogwart’s Express, having laid book 4 aside years ago. It’s been so nice to immerse myself in a story where good fights evil and good wins.

Most of us have at least seen the movies but Spoiler Alert: Voldemort’s power in part lies in the horcruxes he made to compartmentalize his soul. His invulnerability comes from the way he is detached from his very soul. If you don’t think with love and soul, you can certainly make some cruel choices. Maybe that’s how Trump and his cronies do it. Maybe they have horcruxes tucked away in all their gilded getaways. Goodness knows that Kellyanne Conway isn’t thinking with much conscience, yeesh. And wait until Steve Bannon gets going.


Madame DeFarge, en Rose

At the recommendation of my friend’s 7th grade daughter, I started listening to the books on Audible in an effort to just make my way through them all. Jim Dale's performance of the books are astounding. Then I heard about the PussyHat Project and it’s as if the universe conspired to give me everything I need. I’ve been clicking my needles together, a woke muggle immersed in the stories of a wizard’s world.

The PussyHat Project is well-known by now of course, and I love the creative, traditionally female aspect of this protest. I love that the project is to knit hats to keep other people warm. I’m on my sixth hat. The 55-degree forecast for DC is not slowing me down.

Harry Potter had to confront possibly sacrificing his own life in order to secure peace for the people he loved. Hermione, Ron and all their friends and family risked their lives for freedom from the death eaters. As I listened to this epic story, knitting a few hats for the tens of thousands of women and men and children heading to DC this weekend to march, I felt ready to fight, too. I’d like to think if I faced that same harrowing choice, I’d do the same. Let’s hope it never comes to that.