Why Read? Watch This. / by alix clyburn

Harvey, Irma, and Trump are enough to make me think the End Days are upon us, but moreso even than natural disasters or stupid presidents, I think the real threat to our collective future is non-readers. Alas, I include my children among them. 

I write this blog about what I read partly because I love reading so much, and partly because I want to be one of the people generating enthusiasm about reading. I honestly think it's not just the key to personal happiness, but also our future as a community and, hell, civilization. There's only so much you can glean from a 400-word story on your smartphone (current 400-word piece excluded).

Today, however, instead of books, I'm going to share an inspiring little video about reading. It's Kelly Corrigan, the witty author of bestselling books like The Middle Place and Glitter and Glue and now the host of an entertaining podcast called Exactly. This is nine minutes to share with your kids:

Last night, I managed to get all three of my kids to simultaneously sit at the table with me while we ate tacos. This seemingly quotidian event gave me a burst of confidence, so I went for it. I mandated (in a nice way) that every evening we will all put our devices down for 20 minutes and read a book. Eyes rolled and complaints whined but I held firm. And wouldn't you know, for 20 minutes last night Dexter, Naomi, and I sat in the living room and quietly read (Thurber's Many Moons for Naomi, City of Thieves, for Dex, and Red Sparrow for me). Perhaps it's not the End Days after all?