These women are absolutely amazing / by alix clyburn

I am in awe of this array of young women who came forward in a Lansing, Michigan, courtroom this week to rightfully shame USA Olympic doctor Larry Nasser. The story of his cruel criminal sexual abuse is here too, but Im sending it out so we can all take a minute to witness these incredible heroines. 

The strength, courage, and dignity they exhibit in this courtroom is absolutely stunning. It's hard to hear what some of them describe, but imagine actually enduring it—in some instances with their parents unknowingly standing in the room. To anyone who claims the #MeToo movement is going too far, or #TimesUp is a celebrity gimmick, here's my exhibit A. This is reckoning. Gold medals aren't sufficient for these brave women.

There's a new children's book out now called Love by Matt La Pena and illustrated by Loren Long. It's a poem about love, but the words and illustrations aren't all sweetness and cuddles. The book shows difficult moments, and it gets at the unexpected ways love finds you and manifests. I look at these women and in a complicated, not-suitable-for-children way, to me they are showing love too. Love of themselves, love of justice, love for their own future, and the love they've doubtless received from their friends and family that gave them the courage to take the stand.

I don't know any of these gals but I think I love them too. Please take a moment and witness them.